Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Girl- Salem OR Child Commercial Modeling Photographer

Just one tonight of my girl modeling for Poppydoll


ok I lied, two just cause she so darn cute, and she was really workin her smize (for you ANTM fans)

you can find this amazing dress and so much more at poppydoll

oh and yes it's the same dress in both pictures, amazing how with a different colored jacket the different tone it takes, and I did mess with the true color a tad in the first one. I couldn't resist.


Laura said...

Beautiful! Definitely checking poppydoll out, that dress is too cute!

Tree said...

GASP ~ Love that first one! What a beauty.

tamsen said...

gorgeous- that first one is especially awesome!

Kelly Q said...

So beautiful- daughter, dress, location! Going to check out poppydoll for sure!

Deanna said...

Love love love these! Stunning!

Jenn said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! She is such a beauty :)
Love the clothes too!